"Most Parents Struggle with Raising Teenagers, So I've Created a Struggle Free Parenting System that Helps you Parent The Teenager of Today So They Can Become The Successful Adult Of Tomorrow!"

Frustrated with raising teenagers and the choices they make? 
Are you fearful, anxious and stressed worrying about their future?
Do you need a simple plan to put an end all the drama? 
So you can start enjoying your life and help your Teen become a successful adult!
Today you have 3 choices to make a difference in your life and your teenagers.
Don't let it slip away. The Struggle Free Parenting System is only 1 click away

My Teenager Is Always Fighting Me!

"Mom Ends 2 Year War With Teenage Son Without Calling The Cops Or Sending Him To Military School"

My Teenager Is Unmotivated!

 "Dad Rescues Daughter From A Future Of Video Games And Midnight Munchies!"

My Teenager Breaks All My Rules!

"Mom Avoids Insane Asylum With Teen Daughter's Rule Breaking Behavior!"

Raising a Teenager is Hard.

When your teenager "isn't listening, is defiant and making poor choices", it's easy to become anxious, frustrated and overwhelmed -- and feel guilty about your feelings that leave you stressed out. You start to wonder if you've done something wrong as a parent. You believed you have tried everything and nothing has worked which is making you feel hopeless and fearful of the future.

Can I ease your mind a bit? The truth, is, it really is frustrating and stressful trying to parent a teenager who doesn't listen, makes life difficult and challenges everything you say. It's not your fault, you learned your parenting skills from your parent who learned from their parents and those skills and that plan will not work with the children of today. What you need is to learn some new parenting skills, seek out a guide that can help you develop a plan that works for you NOW.  

You love your children and want the best for them and is totally normal to worry about your teen's choices and their future. You're not a bad parent, you just need some guidance and a plan to get you moving in the right direction.

Let me be your guide and take you on a journey where you create a new story for yourself, your teenager and your family. 
As a certified Life Coach that specializes in helping parents of teenagers, I have worked with thousands of parents just like you--parents who just want to help their teenagers be happy and successful, but nothing's working. My 60 days to a drama free life program teaches you in simple steps the secrets to help you create a loving relationship with your successful teenager

"My heart breaks when I see parents struggle with..."

60 days to a drama free Parenting Program using my struggle free parenting system

What my program can do for you and your teenager!

Investment of time is about 2 hours per week.
Sessions are held once a week using online video software
Sessions are used to help you overcome parenting & life challenges.
Get the support and create a parenting a teen plan that works for you.
Access to my Parent your Teen to Success Online Program

"The Secret of Getting the Best Results for Your Small Business Is Joining the Inner Circle."
Russell Brunson

Parent Teens to Success

Uncover the secret communication  skills needed to get your teenagers to hear and respect you so you can become the parent they need to be successful and make better choices. Learn the skills to connect with a teenager that is making poor choices, angry, defiant, rebellious or out of control. So you can welcome them back into your parenting sphere of influence and become a connected parent.

Create Loving Relationships

Learn the techniques to create loving relationships with your partner and teenage children. Discover what the biggest challenges in relationships are so you can make the changes necessary that will benefit the entire family. So you can start enjoying the life you were meant to live and build solid relationships that will last a lifetime.

Overcome Anxiety & Fears

Discover the behavior changing process that will help you eliminate all your fears and anxiety about being a parent. So you can stop living in the future and start living in the present with a stress free life and get a good night's sleep. Learn the skills and techniques to find out what anxiety & fears your teenager is struggling with so you can help them overcome them.

Create Powerful Boundaries

Explore the little known tricks to create boundaries and stand up to the takers in your life. So you can take back control of your own life and start using your time to do things that light you up and discover the passion and fulfillment you desire in your life.

Achieve Co-Parenting Success

Learn the key ingredients to successfully co-parenting with a step parent, disengaged partner, narcissistic ex or a parent that thinks they know better. So you can bask in the happiness and joy of being the best parent your child could ever dream of having and keep them from manipulating you both into enabling their poor behavior.

Discover True Happiness

Finally unlock the secrets to discover your true self, your hero and designing the drama free life that you always dreamed of living. So you can discover that feeling of true happiness in your soul. When you discover true happiness your teenagers will find their's.

"I know what it feels like to think your a bad parent."

After the loss of my son, I second guessed every decision that I made and felt guilty and hopeless, because I thought I should have done more to be a better parent to help my struggling child.
I am a certified Life Coach and over the last several years have guided thousands of Parents. 
I base my program and methodology on my experience  working with hundreds of young adults that became lost in their teenage years and either ended up in prison or addicted to alcohol and drugs. Unfortunately, their parents didn't have the tools and a guide they needed to help them with their children.  
This is why I understand your daily struggles and those of your teenagers. I am here to be your guide to support you in your quest to empowering yourself so you can empower your child and help them discover what they need in life.

"What parents are saying about my program..."

"Coach Richie I can't even begin to thank you for the help you given to me and husband. We have been seeing therapists for years with our son and nothing ever worked. After a couple of weeks with you we feel as though we are bridging a gap that is been between us for a long time. How can we ever repay you for your guidance, empathy and support.  I hope this testimonial helps other parents out there that believe they have tried everything. This system has worked wonders for our family. All our love and respect." - Chris from California
Coach Richie, As a mother of a teenager I can tell you, you have brought so much into my life in such a short period. The coaching and skills you have taught me have worked so well. I really couldn't believe it was so easy. What I though was a month in hell, ended up being a growing experience for not only my child by myself as a parent. Thank you for being and helping me get rid of the drama in my life. xo - Sharon From Texas
Hey Coach, I just wanted to send you this quick thank you. I have a troubled teen and experienced first hand how difficult it is finding support and guidance as a single parent. Your insights and guidance has changed my life and I am hopeful that these changes will bring me and my son closer. Thank you for the impact you are making in this world and helping us become better parents and human beings. Much Love. -Rachel from Ottawa
How you can help your teenager become successful and eliminate the drama in your life at the same time!
I can only offer my program to 10 parents per month. Therefore, seats are limited and the application process I use is to  identify parents that I can truly serve. The ones that want to take action and make a change in their lives for themselves and their children's future.

Click apply now button

This will redirect you to my application website.

Fill out the form

Please share with me a little  bit about yourself, your children and  challenges that you are struggling with. Then select a convenient time to talk.

Speak with me

Relax, take some deep breaths. Find a safe and quiet space and await my call. We will spend some time talking about what support you need and if my program can help you.
It's that simple. No stress, No Pressure, Just a relaxing conversation to hear about the challenges that you need help with.

"How can a guide help me navigate the challenges?"

I know your  a parent struggling with raising teenage children. Your primary question has been what am I doing wrong to be raising a teenager that I can’t communicate with as they continue to make poor choices? You believe you have tried everything to be a better parent and feel like you fail at every turn. Leaving you feeling frustrated, guilty and overwhelmed. Because all you want is for your children to be safe, happy, successful and for you to have a loving relationship with them.

You want the best for them and want to become a better and more connected parent so you can guide them on their journey in life. However, you have tapped all your resources and can’t get through to them; punishment and discipline isn’t working and most likely making things worse. Please know that you are not alone. Life is hard and raising teenagers is so much harder than you could ever have imagined. Which is leaving you stressed and filled with anxiety about their life and future.

As human beings there are always challenges and the challenges get harder with co-parenting challenges, parenting alone or parenting with a narcissistic ex. As parents of teenagers the struggles are even greater. As your children approach the teenage years their world is always changing. Therefore, as a parent you have acquire a new set of skills to meet your children where they are and become the parent, they need in that that moment.
The skills you learned from your parents can’t help you parents your teenager of today and it’s not your fault. Your parents learned from their parents and so on. Sometimes, the hardest thing in the world is accepting your children as they are in that moment. However, having a guide to help you navigate this challenging part of your life is the key to success and becoming the empowered and connected parent that your child needs.

Far too many parents struggle on their own and resort to drastic measures such as doctors and psychiatrists that jump the gun and make a quick diagnosis as they race to hit that easy button to fix their teenagers. You are fearful for their safety and their future and need a quick fix now. However, when you are struggling with these emotions of overwhelm you make decisions that your children can’t understand and therefore resist. Which creates more drama and chaos in everyone’s lives?

What can you do overcome all these obstacles? What about a guide? Someone that helps you work through your emotions and support you in creating a response to challenges instead of a reacting to situations. That is one of the key differences between a guide that has your back and a doctor that is searching for a quick fix. Quick fixes are band aids for symptoms without a solution for the problem. You need to find a solution to the problem and the symptoms will resolve themselves. A guide is your partner in discovering those solutions and alleviating all the symptoms that can be teenage anger, hostility, disrespect, defiance and out of control behavior to name a few.
A guide that has a program that can give you the skills and techniques in as little as 60 days to help you achieve a drama free lifestyle using the struggle free system to find clarity in your life, provide you with the tools to communicate better and help you become a better parent and finally discover your true self and the power you have within.

Are looking for a guide that understands your struggles, your feelings of guilt, hopelessness, fear and anxiety? Are you are looking for someone that has a plan to help guide you to overcoming all these parenting challenges so you can help your teenager become successful so you can enjoy a loving relationship with them? Would you like a guide to help you discover your own happiness in life who can empower you to make the changes to design a life that you want? Are you tired of doing things on your own with no results and would like to have someone have your back on your journey in life?
If the answer is yes, then here are the steps you can take this moment to arrange for me to become your guide. Step #1 click on the apply now button. Step #2 fill out the form on my website. Step #3 Wait for the call with me.

"Maybe you are having doubts..."

If the answer is no, then maybe you are not ready to make a change that could change your child’s life and the relationship you have with them. You may not be ready to help your child overcome their challenges and put them back on the right path in life where they make better choices. You may not be ready to eliminate the stress and drama in your life because you may be afraid to fail again. That is ok because you are in control of your life. 

You always have choices in life and maybe today is not the day to make a choice for you and your life to move forward. That is ok because this program is only 60 day so there is plenty of time for you and your teenager. However, I only work with 10 parents per month and there are approximately 42 million teenagers in the U.S so that means that there are approximately 84 million parents that are currently raising teenagers. 

Therefore, about 83,999,880 parents a year will not have an opportunity to participate in this program. Which group do you want to be in?

You may be still having doubts, right? You are not sure you can trust me? I know I come across this very often when I make such incredible claims.

You may be saying to yourself. “I doubt this will work for me”. Well if you put in the work this program will work for you. You may also be saying. “This program is going to take too long”. What if you don’t make any changes, will you still have the same problems in 60 days? This program is only 8 weeks and about 2 hours of week of work. How much time have you wasted trying all those other things that haven’t worked? 

You also may be saying to yourself. “What happens if it doesn’t work for me”. Well if you are not satisfied with your results after the first day you get a full refund with no questions asked. My application process is quite good, so this rarely happens because I select parents that succeed. 

You are probably asking yourself one last question. “How much is this going to cost me”. What I ask parents is what do you think a program like this is worth that can deliver outstanding results like this. My answer, 
"I like working with cool parents that are open to change. Therefore, I base my pricing on how cool you are. Cool parents get great pricing and uncool parents don’t. I only work with 120 parents a year and to find out how much it will be you need to take that first step and apply to my program so I can see how cool you really are.

"Discover The New Break Through Methods To Parent Your Teenager of Today To Help Them Become 
 The Successful Adult of Tomorrow"

What you will learn

  •  Discover the 21 mistakes parents make when raising teens of today.
  • ​Uncover the bullet proof methods to talk to a teen that is mad at you.
  •  Discover the magic recipe for setting boundaries for defiant teens
  • ​At last, the fool proof methods to inspire a lazy teenager.
  • ​ Learn the little known techniques to help your teen make better choices

"Unlock the Secrets to Keep Teens of Today Safe And Get Them To Obey Your Rules So You Can Eliminate Your Stress"

"Put an end to all the struggles with your Teenagers"

What you will learn

  • Discover the simple 10 step process to create rules for teenagers of today
  •  ​Learn the secret art of communication so you can speak and Teenagers will listen.
  • ​Discover the secret to find out what is going on in your teenagers mind.
  • ​Unlock the vault to creating boundaries and rules with your co-parent.
  • ​Learn the skills to build deeper relationships with your teenager and partner.
  • ​Finally, have a house that is filled with peace and quiet and no drama.

"Struggling with a loss in life?"

The Warriors of Life. "Conquering Grief and Battling Your Way Back To Happiness"

What you will learn

  • Discover the most important secret to conquering grief so you can start living your life.
  • ​​Learn the simple steps to distance yourself from toxic people who don't understand you so you can make room for ones that do.
  • ​Explore ways to find the new you so you can begin a new chapter in your life.
  • ​​Experience techniques that will allow you to move forward from the past and be grateful for the present.
  • ​​Experience the secret to discovering your purpose in life so you can start loving more than you ever have.
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